OIC warns India against Rising Islamophobia

When the entire world is fighting together against COVID-19, the pandemic spread in India with a communal color. The disease that has claimed 1,85,192 deaths worldwide (at last count) saw the responsibility of nationwide spread leaning on ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ shoulders, with the media claiming it to be ‘Live Corona Bombs’.

The spread of the virus has caused a national emergency, along with isolation of a specific community, making it a situation of ‘social emergency’. The media and group of politicians have been successful in their Hindutva agenda that not only have they led to a creation of divide in the general public, but also doctors who are now denying to treat people from Muslim community. The recent case is of the NCT Delhi where a 25-year old woman, who was nine months pregnant, was denied admission in Safdarjung Hospital and Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital. She spent nearly 48 hours trying to access emergency services seeing her health condition. All this was done because she hailed from a ‘Red-zone Area’ and was a Muslim.

This is probably why the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) stepped forward and warned Indian government of “growing Islamophobia”. The Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of OIC took on to Twitter to condemn the negative campaign against Muslims in India.

In another tweet it urged the Indian government to take steps to curtail this growing hate campaign and retain human rights as per International Human Rights Law.

PMO of India did not waste time in replying to this warning, claiming that such is not the case in India and everyone is being treated equally irrespective of religion.

After a day from PMO India’s tweet, the Indian Ambassador to United Arab Emirates (UAE) Pavan Kapoor warned the countrymen over ‘Islamophobic’ posts blaming Muslims for the spread of coronavirus in the nation.

An increase in concern is noticed in Indian ruling party political sphere because a huge percentage of Indian diaspora is settled in 53 Muslim-majority nations under OIC, and ill-treatment of Muslims in India will definitely not go well with these nations who are equally dealing with Indians from other religions. Also more than 55 billion $ are transferred to India from the Gulf nations and more than 120 billion annually from all Muslim countries. The Indian Government will surely not like to play this gamble. However, government spokespersons have clearly denied OIC allegations and said that India is like heaven for Muslims.

Read the tweets below from UAE Princess Hend Al Qassimi, retweeting some tweets Indians and then decide whether claims Indian government are true or false.

(Tejasvi Surya is the Member of Parliament in 17th Lok Sabha from Bangalore South Constituency; the derogatory tweet is of 2015, and has now been deleted after it attracted widespread criticism. Image Courtesy: Twitter)

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