Is Kangana Ranaut in real need of Y-plus security?

It was after the bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut compared Mumbai to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), that the twitter war between her and Sanjay Raut led to the grant of Y-plus security to her. According to Kangana, it was after she spoke about drug use among a section in the film industry, that she started to get threat calls both from politicians and over social media to not to come back to Mumbai.

Taking to Twitter, the actor thanked the Centre’s decision and said: “This shows that no one can crush a patriot in the country. I am thankful to Home Minister Amit Shah. Had he wanted, he would have told me to visit Mumbai later but he respected India’s daughter and acknowledged my self-respect. Jai Hind.”

On Sunday, the Himachal Pradesh government had decided to provide Y-plus security to the actor in the state and also requested the Central government to consider extending the same during her upcoming visit to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, BJP has distanced itself from the statement marked Kangana over Mumbai. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Ashish Shelar “The BJP does not agree with what Kangana Ranaut has said about Maharashtra and Mumbai.”

What is the criteria for Y-plus security?

Security is extended to important individuals both the Central and the State governments to those who may be facing threats virtue of their position. The provision of security cover to such individuals falls under the purview of the Union Home Ministry.

Security arrangements in case of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister are made as per the guidelines laid down in the ‘Blue Book’ issued the Home Ministry.

‘Yellow Book’ titled ‘Security arrangements for the protection of individuals’ lays down the guidelines for other individuals after threat assessment security agencies.


Since ‘law and order’ is a state subject as per the Indian Constitution, the authority to provide security to individuals other than centrally secured positions lies with the State Government.

What does granting of Y-plus security signify?

Y-plus security means that now Kangana Ranaut will be provided with 11 security personnel, including one or two commandos and two PSOs who will be guarding her 24*7. Chances are that CRPF may provide her with the security.

security categories

There is no comprehensive estimate on the number of protectees across the country. But as per the response provided the government in March 2018, around 300 persons were being provided security in the central list under different categories. However, it is strange to understand the irony of saving one “Bharat ki Beti” from unknown threats and not taking cognizance of many other “Bharat ki Betiyan” who either live under known threats or die.

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