International Attention turns on Activist Nodeep Kaur in Jail for 20 days

Trade union activist and Dalit labourer Nodeep Kaur was arrested on January 12, and has been there since then without bail. The young woman has allegedly suffered sexual abuse while in custody.

The 23-year old woman was arrested when she had joined a protest labourers at Haryana’s Kundli. The matter came into limelight when Meena Harris tweeted an image of posters seeking Nodeep Kaur’s release on Saturday.

Nodeep Kaur was protesting in the Kundli industrial area along with 20 others demanding wages, when they clashed with the police, and she was arrested. Charges of murder, extortion, theft, rioting, unlawful assembly, extortion and criminal intimidation were made against her.

“The government is afraid of the unity of workers of farmers and that is why my sister is being targeted,”Rajveer Kaur told reporters. “She has been beaten up in the police station male and female staff and has even been sexually assaulted. There are injuries in her private parts. There should be strict action,”
– Rajveer Kaur, Sister of Nodeep Kaur

 The police have denied all allegations. “The activists’ attack upon the police resulted in injuries to seven personnel, including a woman constable,” “The allegations of sexual assault seem to be an afterthought and the police department clearly negates them. Also, Kaur was constantly in the presence of two women personnel,” said Sonipat police in a statement issued on Saturday.

‘She was Sexually assaulted in Custody’

“I met her (Nodeep) on 13 January when she told me that she was beaten both male and female officers in her private parts,” . “Haryana Police got involved and attacked the protesting labourers on 12 January. There was no female officer present. My sister was beaten up there and then picked up and taken to the police station,” said Rajeev Kaur. 

Rajveer said she last met her sister on 13 January, while Vikas Attri (Nodeep’s lawyer) last met her on 23 January. 

“We raised the issue of sexual assault in court and are currently awaiting medical reports. But this has already been delayed so much that we don’t know how accurate the report will be,” Attri said. 

Punjab SC commission has taken cognizance of the matter and has sought a report in this regard February 23, 2021