Switzerland’s 3 Stage Plan to lift Coronavirus Lockdown

Switzerland will start easing its lockdown restrictions from April 27, 2020 allowing businesses like hairdressers, dentists, and garden centers to reopen. However, gatherings of more than 5 people will be banned.

Switzerland’s Health Minister Alain Berset has come up with a three-stage plan to gradually lift the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. His plan involves the gradual opening of businesses and schools which have been shut down for over a period of a month, as reported Tages-Anzeiger. Customers who have appointments booked will be allowed to visit such places in order to keep a track of people in case the virus re-spreads.

(Image Courtesy: Swissinfo.ch)

“We want to proceed as swiftly as possible and as slowly as necessary,” he said. “We have to avoid a stop-and-go policy.”

– Alain Berset

Monitoring the progress made in these two-three weeks, the schools will reopen on May 11, 2020. Primary students will be able to return to their classes as the government says that children aren’t ‘good vectors’ for the virus. Shops and markets will also reopen. A contact tracing app will be rolled out across the country. The decision of proceeding with this stage will be taken on April 29.

The final stage will be on June 8 when the government plans to open Secondary schools and Universities, along with libraries, museums, botanical gardens, and zoos.\

No plans so far have been made on bars, cafes, and restaurants, and they tend to remain closed. However, the plans are not yet settled and may change as per situation.

Switzerland is one of the countries that has suffered the highest coronavirus infection rates per capita in the world. The first set of restrictions was imposed at the end of February, getting more stringent with every passing day. At present, the number of COVID-19 cases noted in the country is 28, 894 out of which 21, 000 have recovered and 1,593 deaths have been reported.

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