Confident about COVID-19 Vaccine? Global concerns rise over Vaccine Uptake

The year 2021 has begun with a new hope of fighting against coronavirus. Distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in some parts of the world has given a rise to people’s anticipation. However, not all are in favor of this hassled-filled vaccination process. Many people are hesitant about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

  • As per the Ipsos-World Economic Forum survey, a strong intent to get a COVID-19 vaccine has risen in the UK and the US. These are the two nations where vaccines has begun to be administered.
  • Optimistic behaviour towards corona vaccine is fairly high in Brazil (78%), Mexico (77%), the U.K. (77%), Australia (75%), South Korea (75%), and Canada (71%);
  • Citizens of nations like the U.S. (69%); Germany (65%), Italy (62%), Spain (62%), and Japan (60%) are dicey with the opinions.
  • The highest risk factor has been observed in South Africa (53%), Russia (43%), and most of all, France (40%).
COVID-19 vaccine

Why do people not want a COVID-19 vaccine?

Going the survey, between 57% and 80% of people were of the opinion that they would not take a COVID-19 vaccine until reports about its side-effects are clear.

  • The concern of side-effects was highest in South Korea (80%), Japan (76%) and France (72%).
  • Second cited reason was how effective is COVID-19 vaccine, with Russia showing the highest concern (45%), followed Mexico (28%) and Italy (27%).
  • The third reason against the coronavirus vaccine is not being enough at risk from COVID-19, majorly seen in China (32%), the UK (25%) and Canada (23%).
corona vaccine

How pro-Corona Vaccine is India?

The Drug Controller General of India VG Somani approved two vaccines for coronavirus, Oxford Institute’s Covishield, and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin for restricted use in emergency situations. However, the rushed approval process brought in concerns of the experts on the efficacy of Covaxin.

“I thought I knew something about the process of licensure of vaccines, but clearly I do not. I do not understand what ‘the grant of permission in emergency situation in public interest as an abundant permission, in clinical trial mode,’ means — either you are doing a clinical trial or you are not. As far as I am aware Covaxin has no clinical efficacy data whatsoever at this time, so I fail to see how the DGCI can consider this an efficacious vaccine.”
-Dr. Gagandeep Kang, Professor, CMC, Vellore