Top 4 Pandemic-Friendly Small Business Ideas

The Covid-19 pandemic came as havoc for many around the globe. Thousands of people lost their jobs, and many struggled to meet their ends. Though the situation has improved from past year, job speculations are still on rise.

Unemployment upsurge in nations has forced many people to turn towards small businesses. With meagre investments, people have got into many sectors aiming to become their own boss. Here are top 4 interesting business ideas that can help people strategize better.

The Five W’s

To start a good business, you have to deeply understand these five W’s:

Who are your customers?What do you produce/ products?When will you achieve your goals?Why are you in the business?Where is your business located?
Who are yourcompetitors?What do you offer?When shouldyou start/set business?Why would your customers want to buy your goods?Where are your customers?
Who are your planners?What do you plan to achieve?When shouldyou invest in your business?Where are your targeted audience?
Who are your advisors?What are your specialities?When shouldyou advertise your business?Where are new opportunities?
Who are your investors?What are your resources?When shouldyou close or reset yourbusiness?Where are you now to where you want to be?
Who are your staff/ personnel?Where are you resources?
Who are your target audience?Where is your profile?

What are the most successful small businesses?

  1. Become a Freelance Writer, Designer or Developer: If you have hobbies to write or design something, believe us you are the right person to be a freelancer with the gig economy gaining greater prominence in this post-pandemic era.
    As a freelancer, you just have put your skills to modify your work. And freelancing is totally flexible, allowing you to work part-time or during off-working hours.
    [Needed Expertise: Modification of written communication, Passion to learn and curiosity, Critical Thinking, Quality of Design or content]
freelance writer
Image Credit: Prostock-Studio / Getty Images
  1. Become an online Teacher: Due to Covid-19 pandemic all the private and Government educational institutions and students have moved towards online teaching. Teaching online is one of the cheapest business ideas, all you need to have, is a personal laptop and good internet connection.
    Start Creating your teaching videos and post them on online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Telegram etc. If you already have a list of students then you can teach them using apps like Zoom, Google meet or video calls.
    [Needed Expertise: Subject knowledge, best ways of teaching communication and collaboration, creativity]
online teaching
Image Credit: fizkes / Getty Images
  1. Start an online store: If you have your own space, then e-commerce is a great idea. Become a retailer at any online selling website like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm mall etc. Either sell your own work or become an agent between manufacturers and websites.
    [Needed Expertise: Creativity and continuity, Marketing management skills, Fresh ideas and stock]
online reseller
Image Credit: ijeab / Getty Images
  1. Open a Food Corner or Catering services: With a hectic lifestyle becoming the new normal, food services have reached heights, especially home-delivery services. Many tiffin services, on-road stalls have become popular in this Covid-19 era. All one needs is a little investment and push over social media. 
    [Needed Expertise: Knowledge of suppliers and equipment, 3Ps: Professionalism- patience- people first]
food services
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