About Us

Who We Are?

The Grill Post is a unique platform dedicated to meticulous reporting and art of narrative. We try to present not simple write-up’s, but information comprising updates from all sectors like political, social, cultural, health, food and travel, from all over the world.

What We Think?

We deeply believe in the principle of non-propagation of fake news, and we ensure our readers to serve with testified facts. We work independently, and thus perform ethically, with full transparency in every aspect because we believe to shoulder the responsibility of becoming a loud-heard voice of the world.

What We Do?

We raise questions on global events, not to defame any person, state, or nation in particular, but primarily to shed the clouds of misunderstanding and allow people to think about the other side of the coin and build non-bias opinions.

What Is Our Aim?

We aim to provide authentic information on latest developments around the world after thorough research and investigation, there choosing high standards of journalism. Our objective is not only to provide facts, but also help people learning something new with every passing story.